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phoca thumb m Geology Walk St Cleer-001A very important part of CHAHP is taking education and learning beyond the classroom and getting out into the communities and landscapes that the project is all about. Creating opportunities for everyone to get involved in the heritage of the area using traditional and innovative methods, the projects and events are developed in collaboration ensuring understanding and a sense of ownership carry on into the future. Examples of activities already supported include: a successful community play Gonamena, winter bird walks, hedge laying and willow weaving courses, a summer solstice sunrise walk, ‘Adopt an ancient monument’ scheme, St Cleer Parish Carnival, ‘It’s a Hard Rock Life’ mining exhibition and many other events. 

Caradon Heritage Partnership – Schools and Organisation Loans Boxes

The Caradon Hill Area Heritage Project was established in 2009 and, funded for 4 years by the Heritage Lottery Fund and other local funders. One aspect of the project was the work it did with local schools and communities to encourage both children and adults to appreciate, find out about, use and conserve the abundant natural and historical resources in their local area.

Many local schools and groups visited natural and historical sites in their locality and learnt about the natural and historical environment of Bodmin Moor through observing, listening and acting out the lives and occupations of those who shaped and continue to manage the moor today. It became evident after the close of the project that this work should be continued in some way in order to inform and educate in the future

As a legacy of the project the Caradon Heritage Partnership have sourced and developed 7 loans boxes for schools and organisations to use to support learning about the local history and environment of the Caradon Hill area from the Mesolithic to World War II.  These are now available to borrow from Liskeard Museum.

The Caradon Heritage Partnership hope that these boxes will provide a useful resource for continuing the education of local children and adults about their rich historical and environmental heritage, and are able to send someone in to talk to your school or organisation about the contents of the boxes and how then can be used to support this.

For booking and further information please contact Liskeard Museum on 01579 346087 or by email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Creating a website for the area's communities and interested visitors to find out more about the area and how they can get involved in groups and events. 

Enhanced Electronic Interpretation

Consulting with local groups to develop interpretation in various different media which will help spread the word about the area’s heritage and how it’s being looked after. To download the CHAHP APPs click here . To watch the CHAHP videos without downloading the APP click here

Training & Support

Facilitating formal training in specific conservation management skills for landowners, farmers, commoners, service providers, contractors and other groups involved with the project. 

Volunteer Skills Development

Developing a network of trained volunteers through hands-on conservation skills training in partnership with relevant organisations.

School Education

Working with schools in the project area and further afield on classroom and outdoor projects. Developing teaching materials and offering workshops to teachers.

Adult Education

Helping to set up and market new adult education courses, workshops and field trips to appeal to encourage new audiences to learn about the area’s landscape, heritage and culture.

Themed Routes Interpretation

Developing appropriate interpretation (Including downloadable resources) for themed routes such as self-guided walks and a sensory trail at Golitha National Nature Reserve. To download the CHAHP self guided walk Apps click here

Heritage Interpretation

Involving local communities in the review and improvement of outdoor interpretation panels and printed guides to the area.

Caradon Trail outside click here

Caradon Trail inside click here

Bodmin Moor Guide Dutch click here

Bodmin Moor Guide English click here

Bodmin Moor Guide French click here

Bodmin Moor Guide German click here

Bodmin Moor Guide Spanish click here

Liskeard & District Museum

Supporting new exhibitions and displays about the area at the museum and helping develop an accessible local archive and community research space. 

Minions Heritage Centre

Revitalising the centre to provide updated displays, audio and audio-visual interpretation and a welcoming orientation point for the area. 

Local History

Helping the development of community-based projects that focus on the area’s landscape and heritage.

Oral & Visual History

Capturing and sharing memories and images of the area, not only going back to the past but also recording a picture of what life in like in the Caradon Hill area today. 

Walks & Talks

It does exactly what is says on the tin! Guided, themed walks and a related programme of talks led by local experts and interest groups. Also training and support for volunteer leaders.

Community Performance

Gonamena was a very successful community play written by local playwright Simon Parker. It was funded by CHAHP in Stage 2 Phase 1.

Landscape Celebration

Supporting traditional events and celebrations, and new creative activities, to help connect the area’s people with their landscape and heritage. 


The Project

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